H & M: New Photos of The Campaign Divided, Autumn 2010

The H & M divided autumn collection they have now arrived in our stores. Today July 22 they have decided to take on sale, at least in the H & M’s largest and centrally located in the most important cities of the country, which will be the fall of H & m collection Yes, as you have just heard it will be autumn collection, since that of winter will go on sale separately. And for which we can not closer to take a look at the clothes, here are promotional photos.

At the sight of them can deduce that no doubt H & M reduces its color drastically to be noted that we are in the autumn. Prints by contrast are still very present although they accompany looks where the pastel tones give way to red, black, Brown and white.

With regard to the Add-ins, the firm still does not disappoint and hats, bracelets, ties, bow ties or belts are still a bet strong brand which is precisely based on create the looks from basic (t-shirts, shirts and trousers) and dress them with supplements that, finally and after, are those who determine the personality and style of each set by very similar than.

And of course, the geometric patterns such as rhombuses, printed on their jerseys, cardigan and sweatshirts, or pictures that already so famous have been made in firm lumberjack shirts, are still the great protagonists of the shelves and showcases of the firm. If you already was well before… Why not repeat?

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