Google Will Also Launch a Tablet

If large manufacturers hear better, consumers would know that there are huge numbers of people looking for good, cheap tablets.

Whoever accompanies the Peace Blog any longer should have read what I wrote here:the strategies of Samsung and Motorola to beat the iPad with never achieved results.

Now these two companies have changed their tactics and gone on the attack.Samsung went ahead and announced the Galaxy Tab 2 , 7-inch, for $ 250.

Google has eaten dust, but now let me know you have a project for a cheap tablet.

Larry Page, CEO of the company, says that Google should look at the success of Amazon ‘s Kindle Fire (which has sold 3 million units).

Watching Kindle Fire

Therefore, the Google tablet should be 7 inches and its price should not exceed $ 200 at .And sure enough, it will come with Android 4.0.

Storage should not exceed 8GB.Front cameras and webcam would be eliminated.

It is suspected that the company can follow Amazon’s formula. Sell ​​a tablet for the cost price and make money at your apps, videos and music store, Google Play.

The tablet strangely will not be manufactured by Motorola but rather by Asus and it is speculated that it will come with an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

Eye on the Mini iPad

Information that Apple would be preparing a mini iPad are being announced for at least a year.According to some specialized websites, this would be the main reason that Google is launching its mini.

That is, the company claims that its rival is the Kindle Fire but would be preparing a clash with Apple.

According to some sources Google could be delaying the launch of its new tablet to allow time to include a new version of Android, which was codenamed Jelly Bean.

The new tablet from Google is due to go on sale in July.

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