Google+, the New Onslaught of Google in the Social Web

The Google announced on the morning of Tuesday (28) a new onslaught on the social web. There comes the Google+ project, which promises to stand up to Facebook with a new footprint for the way people share things – are links, photos, messages etc – on the web.

But before you rush to sign up for new service: it is in closed testing (such as Google traditionally does).

Google+ is nothing more than the addition of several features that Google believes that make a difference in the way we communicate for this great network. The company explains that communication is among the most basic human needs. Since much of this communication takes place in the electronic media, it is necessary to bring to the network the subtleties and the substantial nature of the interactions.

The Circles seems to be – the Google+ is not yet available, so for now we work in the house of the assumptions – the most important feature of Google+. From it, users can create groups of people with whom we will share different content. For example, it is up to the user to define a group for family, one for co-workers, and a third for best friends.

“We found that people already use real – life circles to express themselves and share with precisely the right friends.” From that thought, Google brought social circles for your virtual platform through the Circles.

Sparks, another feature of Google+, concerns the interests of users. If the person likes novel, or comic, or a certain number of books, you can add these special interests to Google+. From there, the eficientíssimos algorithms Google will bring articles, news, videos, photos, and everything else is on the network, related to that subject.

“Sparks deliver a feed with highly contagious content available on the web. On any subject, in over 40 languages. “And then you spend the entire day reading just about what interests you.

The use Hangouts works as a central contact within Google+. Google promises a space for users enter when they have free time. From the Hangouts, people can chat with your contacts Circles through videochat (entitled the conference).

For those who use Google+ on mobile, the Google offers some unique features: the ability to report its geographical location in each message or publication; and what they call Instant Upload, which automatically sends the photos to the cloud, enabling easier sharing of your happiest moments with those who matter – remember the Photo Stream iCloud ?

In the mobile phone, Google also enabled the feature Huddle. In a nutshell, it is a kind of Google Talk in groups and in real time. “It allows all people to a circle know what’s going on at the time.”

As I had already alerted the text beginning, Google+ is currently in testing. You can follow the demonstration of the service on this page (in English).