Google Hangouts: We Tested The Google Messaging App

It was one of the novelties that more were expected by Google for the I/o this year: a unified messaging system and her to avoid duplication in services. After a long time with GTalk, Google Plus Messenger and Google Chat in GMail, he would still need that Google unified these services in one only to not get dizzy users.

After many rumors with names, among which were Babble and Babel, finally the name given is Hangouts, a name that had been used for videoconferences in Google Plus and now expanding to the rest of Google messaging services. The result is a good service, innovative but with an aspect that does not like more Puritans.

The first problem that one is that she has not been updated to the latest version of the application automatically. Since it is the first time that an app for Google moves from be in the applications of the system to be in Google Play (the case of Calendar is not the same), can not you upgrading, but my colleague Alkar shows you how to do it

Nothing more start we will find a message requesting us phone number to confirm it, but you don’t send or send any text message to confirm. This leads us to believe that it will allow us to talk with other users of Hangout that we don’t have in our circles of Google Plus but Yes if we have you on our list of contacts and the us, in the same way as already make it services like WhatsApp or LINE.

Simple and at the same time full

The navigation has been simplified, so that seems a completely different application. On the home page, we’ll see our contacts, giving preference to contacts with the more we interact, followed by other contacts frequently, both people and circles of Google Plus, which will continue the rest of contacts list alphabetical way.

We need to start a conversation Choose the contacts and circles I want to add a same conversation and choose whether you want a video call or a text conversation, although we can collate them. The great innovations come in the form of hundreds of emoticons only available at Hangouts and a new way of looking up to where each person in the Group has read. As you can see in the images, each image indicates where to read, which may be all the same to some but very useful for the rest.

To access the list of conversations simply we have to remove the navigation bar and see the talks. From there we can enter into such talks, start a video call or file them which mail gmail.

Nobody is perfect, Hangouts nor

As additional additives, we can choose what they can do each of our circles, if directly start a hangout with us or before they must ask for permission to begin with, something that for the most maniacs security may like it.

However, not everything is a path of roses, because there are some issues that remain in the air. First of all, it is impossible to enter stealth mode, something that can bounce back some, and how to see if someone is connected if it is with colour on the icon or is somewhat bleached, which would indicate that it is disconnected in addition that It is impossible to see if a contact is connected both the conversation list and the conversation itself, though this seems propitiated of programs like WhatsApp and LINE in which there is this choice and No one takes the hands to the head.

There is still outstanding issues, such as sending SMS and some improvements in stability, because the timing is not so perfect in some cases, but in general terms it is not bad and is a remarkable evolution. He notices something more complicated in general terms for those who are not accustomed to this kind of control of conversations, so I won’t try to my mother to use it because of its complexity. Except that, Google has a lot of potential here, only now you get all the juice possible.