Google Duo Will Also Make Voice Calls

Google Duo has been a couple of days on deployment, available for some lucky period directly in Google Play, and for the rest via the APK’s turn. Initially via single SMS verification worked in some countries, but already you could say it will work practically all over the world.

Google Duo is the more minimalist approach Google video calls and somehow to communication applications in general. Just one thing: video calls, but it is possible that in the future it double its functions to do nothing more: voice calls.

The news comes from the profile of Google + of Amit Fulay, the Lead Product of communications at Google. Two days ago, he shared the news about the launch of Google Duo, to what some users jumped in to comment and ask about the plans for the future for the application. Only Amit has responded to one of them, he asked If there was any way to make a single call audio. The answer: “coming soon”.

Finally and all, while video calls in one way or another have been years between us, the reason that are not extremely popular is not only the price. It is one far more communication intrusive that voice and not too practical if calls are for example walking down the street. With the possibility of responding only with voice, would reduce the possibility of you hang up the call.