Google Docs Gets PDF Converter and Image to Text

Oba, a new feature useful in Google Docs! The service development team today presented a converter that will convert files to .PDF or images (.GIF, .JPG, etc.) in common text, easily manageable and manipulable. The new converter has come into operation.

Trigger the feature is very easy. First, you have to open the submission page of new GDocs documents. Then choose the image files or PDF that you want to send and check the box that says Convert text from PDF or image files to Google Docs documents. That is where the magic begins.

I auditioned. First, with a PDF of a college work. The original was sent to Google Docs and seconds later was already available to be viewed within the service text editor. Before the text, a short notice that the conversion was taken.

Below, text file, fully editable. The only annoyance is on account of paragraphs started by an exclamation point.

In the second test, I sent a JPEG file created in Photoshop with just text and a white background.

As you can see in the image below, Google Docs managed to successfully reading the image of characters. Even a written word deliberately wrong (“descrobrir”) was recognized in the right way.

Better than that, only Docs already corrected the texts so that recognize. Who should not have much liked the new function are publishers.