Google Deletes Several Emulators From Android Market

Without much fanfare, the Google began to delete applications considered irregular from your Android Market environment that until now was known to have much less strict rules than the App Store, your rival Apple availability for iOS.

According to the blog Engadget, programs are being deleted without notice by the web giant, that break is also canceling the accounts of developers.

The first programs to be mined from the little robot operating system app store were emulators N64oid, Ataroid, Gamboid and SNesoid, which were sold in the shop for between $ 1.99 and $ 5.99, plus the PSX4Droid, offered for free. Responsible for running games of the Nintendo N64, Atari, Gameboy, SNES and Playstation 1, technically the programinhas also wounded a number of copyright and so were asked to leave the room.

How to remember the site The Register, in theory the developers kicked from Android Market may offer its programs in other stores for Android, as SlideMe obscure, but without the same payment security and safety information.

Speaking of Android Market, data from a survey by the company Distimo show that 97% of programs downloaded from the store in April were free, compared with 95% in March and only 96 programinhas accounted for 50 million downloads.