Google Changes Everything on the Top Bar of the Gmail and the Like

For me the top bar Google, that black that probably still in Gmail, Reader, Calendar and other company services you use, was always very helpful. Azar mine, because Google said on Tuesday night that the blessed discontinued bar. In its place will get something very different from what I expected to see with the standardization of the layout of Google products.

Instead of a top bar with links to key services, Google has chosen to put on the air a larger bar with other things. It has the Google brand and box search immediately next. As is currently the case in the search engine, but applied to all other products provided by the web giant. The difference is that, in Gmail or Docs, the search performed from the new search box only refers to items for the service that you opened. For example, the Calendar search will work only on dates and events; Gmail, in messages sent and received.

Google brand. Search box. In addition to these elements, the new top bar of Google services presents icon to search by voice. And there on the right, are information of such “social web” in which Google both bet. Appears the user name, the counter interactions occurred in the Plus, and a button to share content.

The coolest thing is that Google found a place to put links to the services listed before appeared in the black bar. Notice that has a small arrow next to the Google brand. By clicking on it a floating menu displays all the products the company currently offers, and for which the account is enabled. With plenty of room for future additions, according to the company announcement.

They made a video (in English) presenting the new top bar. Watch:

YouTube video

Crowning the standardization in the design of its products, the new top bar brought me the impression that Google wants to strengthen the brand itself. The video makes it clear that the name “Google” is highlighted while the product name appears in the background, with minor.

Also I realize that, from now on, all Google products will have the top very similar. There is less room for innovation in this area. If a new product requires a unique look at its top, who knows how Google will solve the problem… Well, the Mountain View engineers are well paid to solve this kind of issue.

Google gave no details about the process of the new release. Generally it takes longer for users with account in Google services set to Portuguese. However, the bar did not show up in my Gmail in English.