Google Cardboard Plastic, Real Virtual Reality of The Day of The Innocents in The United States

“It’s as if you take anything,” said Ned Flanders to try new Google Cardboard Plastic, overwhelmed by the fidelity of the image opening pass through thin plastic film. His sense of realism was almost indescribable, so fascinating that lit up her face and her smile tensed with so much breadth the glue that was holding his glasses slipped and hit her in a tooth.

This is the fake gadget the US giant announced as one of his jokes of the day of the innocents of United States, April’s Fools Day, as the photos using emojis Finder. Easier to catch and less compromised than the button sends with audio in Gmail fake so upset and so much controversy has generated among the users of mail client.

The great debate is, can anything more real than reality itself there be? We have seen it in literature and in film, and now also in the micro ad campaign of this product. Google Cardboard Plastic promises an experience in four dimensions, resolution 20/20 and sound 360 total. As it could not be otherwise, is compatible with 100% of the applications of all devices, less that require other VR set.

A joke much more innocuous than the fake Gmail button because I don’t think that there have been hundreds of people canceling their sets PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift or HTC lives by swallowing it. That also has been presented with a video made and fun, with a couple of funny moments as the face of the man fascinated with its resolution.

These are just a few of the many pranks that different divisions of the company have launched the 2016, which include the search engine of Australia socks or the Japanese keyboard.