Google Buys Email App and Removes the App Store

Google bought the company that develops the application iPhone ReMail, and his first action was to remove the App Store application. The application lowered all your emails and stored on your iPhone, promising one of the greatest benefits to search almost instantaneous by any email without being connected to the internet.

As the app was removed by Google in the iTunes App Store, only those who have already downloaded the application can continue to make use of it. The application support will be maintained until the end of March.

The founder of ReMail, Gabor Cselle, began his career as an engineering intern at Google in 2004, working with Gmail. Now, with the acquisition, Cselle back to work in Mountain View, where it will be “product manager” Google.

It is possible to infer that the purchase was motivated by Google’s intentions to use the know-how of ReMail in local search. Or perhaps, as he considered the The Register, Google is planning to buy all iPhone developers, one by one, until the Android win the game by forfeit.

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