Google Assistant: The Search Engine Becomes Conversational

Sundar Pichai started this Google I/O 2016 with a clear reference to the searches: of the billions of searches performed on Google every day, 20% are made from a voice through. Every time we talk more with Google.

Hence was born Google Assistant, a new service that is actually natural evolution of the search engine Google and its well-known ‘OK, Google’. Now to the equation natural language recognition and recognition of the context are attached to go beyond of what was the search engine, which now develops in our conversational Assistant: a digital Secretary always ready to give us a cable.

You can already communicate with Google (or almost)

Pichai explained how searches converted into an “experience room that goes beyond devices”, and in fact stated that although now we used them mostly on the desktop and on mobile, would go “beyond”, and pointed to solutions in the field of the wearables, automotive and, of course, in the living room, where another product fits protagonists of the event: Google Home.

In Google mentioned how machine learning and natural language processing efforts have helped that the recognition of the language is much more accurate now, and that has been applied to Google Assistant. This service is behind the search with context, and makes the search engine is suddenly conversational.

That means that with Google Assistant our first question or search is the basis of a conversation in which now we won’t have to resort to the first term constantly: Google assumes for the context that we are talking about the same topic and that we want to profundidar these replies.

Pichai put the example of asking “What put this evening (in the film)?”, to which Google would respond with a list of movies. But had to adjust the search, so Pichai continued with a “this evening would like to go with the kids,” which made Google Assistant creates a new list of suggestions, from which you could book some tickets for us with a new command. Our digital assistant becomes reality, seems.