Google and Samsung Event on October 11

If a few hours ago a stolen video leaked of what could be Ice Cream Sandwich, Now we have a confirmed news report and real as you can see in the image, as Google and Samsung they have just been informed that there will be a next event October 11 and it must not be very Druid to discover what could be addressed.

We return to repeat the date for the official presentation of Ice Cream Sandwich was already confirmed for October or November, but with this event led by Google and Samsung you could bet 100% that the October 11 they will present the new version of Android for mobile phones and tablets. Of course, an event of this nature that only spoke of Android would not need the presence of Samsung, but as this Korean manufacturer was also confirmed as the Manager to bring us the next Nexus Prime (as long as that is his final name), drawer is that also take advantage of the event to present the new terminal of the Google factory.

If we review the rumours, this new terminal of Google, manufactured by Samsung, should meet some or all of the following requirements:

  • Dual core processor, which is what already has become the standard among the new Android phones. Let us note that Google always takes as a standard terminal basic to serve as a tool for developers, nor very outstanding and very obsolete.
  • A generous 4.5 or 4.6-inch screen, as the Samsung Galaxy S II range adapted to the US market. Does not clear the type of panel, but it would be logical that Samsung used its new and acclaimed Super AMOLED Plus. I hope so!!
  • Connectivity should adapt to modern times, although LTE or 4G connection is not common in all countries.
  • For the part of Ice Cream Sandwich must remember that it will be a mobile operating system and tablets, so as for the part Samsung make some extra presentation to demonstrate the of this new version on a tablet. I I live with you may announce that it will be available, without layers, for its whole range of Galaxy Tab. Hopefully I’m not wrong!

This event occurs 1 week after the presentation of Apple’s operating system and its new mobile, so there will be a media strives to see who wins the attention of the masses. It should be noted very in favour of Google than this event, as usual, It can be followed live streaming on YouTube, something that distinguishes it from the rest of events from other manufacturers, so all the Androids can discover, with every little detail, what might happen.

You have one more thing as in Apple events? We have to wait a few weeks to find out, but you know, that you take the October 11 because you have an appointment with Android. We left pools open in the comments to go heated environment. There it’s not less!