Google Allo Tea Will Leave Clear Messages of History

Now that Duo is available, next on the list is Allo. We do not know for sure to what extent Allo is ready to be launched, but when the leaks begin to arrive, we can imagine that it is already becoming less. Yesterday we missed you a look at the curious included stickers and today we are going with another innovation, the deleted messages.

According to the screenshots by Android Police, Google Allo in addition to also include an Assistant in conversations and irreverent stickers you make a difference in something else’s Hangouts, the ability to delete messages from the history.

Rather than panic, deletion of messages happens only on the device that you’re using it (your copy) and not the sender, so that technically you cannot retract you in your words or delete evidence of something very stupid you just say: the other person will continue to receive it.

This is a performance standard and already applied in several messaging applications – not in Hangouts, everything to be said-that however allows you to prevent the other person from receiving the message If you manage to erase it before you send. For messaging applications where you can edit messages once sent, for now the most important the only one who dares is Telegram.