Gmail Labs Wins Smartlabels

Another improvement in Gmail, the most amazing service email in the world. For now restricted to those who enable Gmail Labs, the SmartLabels aim to facilitate the user’s life that deals with a lot of markers, including those for messages that are potentially uninteresting.

Take myself as an example. It’s been a few months I created a label in Gmail just for social media notifications, including Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. Any message related to these sites, and that does not require an immediate answer my direct passes through the Inbox and will stop at specific marker for this purpose.

With SmartLabels, it becomes unnecessary to perform filter settings so that messages from certain sites appear in the right marker. At first, the feature creates three new markers with automatic adjustments. Are they:

  • Bulk (Bulk in Gmail in Portuguese of Brazil) – Any messages in bulk, such as promotional messages and newsletters services (even if you have registered to receive).
  • Forums (Forums) – As the name suggests, are exchanges of messages sent through forums and discussion groups.
  • Notifications (Notifications) – are sent directly to you with warnings about accounts in various services and also invoices, such as those that iTunes sends from time to time

To enable SmartLabels simply visit the Labs area Gmail and look for this option. If you do not like the result, you can disable the feature through that same path.