Geeks Home Appliances: Refrigerator That Cares about Smells

Having already seen a washing machine 3D and the electric broom, it today plays which is perhaps the appliance King of the House, the refrigerator. But of course, being the Special appliances geek We not bring any equipment.

The Panasonic refrigerator is special by the Active Hygiene system, It is responsible for clean air from the interior of the refrigerator. Does so with a combination of a filter of silver and blue LED light so that it generates a System cleaner antibacterial y odor Eliminator called hydroxyl Radical which exists naturally in the troposphere.

To make unpleasant odours and bacteria from the air disappear with the help of the led in the upper part of the Panasonic refrigerator a fan collect the air and returns it purified after directing for Hygiene Active Filter.

But there are more interesting things in these refrigerators. Do you think that mobile phones and gadgets with piano black finish were the only clung to our fingerprints? No, the curious finishes of refrigerators also attract our footprints with passion, so it is not surprising that on its surface technologies and finishes are included so that the dirt is not attached to the same.

Increased energy efficiency even with thinner walls or the back completely covered are other highlights of these refrigerators from Panasonic that I have shown today within the special appliances geeks at Engadget.

The lowest consumption gets back with the help of sensors and a microprocessor It is the element that makes decisions of cooling power, getting lower consumption at night as they are the moment that less in accordance with their values, is necessary to cool because the door of kept closed at all times.

And we cannot forget other elements these refrigerators star Panasonic: the Vitamin Safe compartment which I have already spoken on Engadget, and with the assistance of two flashes of the LEDs in the fruit and vegetable compartment, gets to simulate sunlight blue and green tones by activating the natural defences of the food.

[The next appliance geek will be one Air washer]