Gaucho Clothes: Photos, Looks, Pictures, Tradition

Talk about gaucho clothing is talking about history. Beholder photos of typical dress parties as pilcha or bombachinha may find it strange even by style not used in the hottest cities in the northeast. But with the typical clothes of the region, used at parties as the Oktober Fest, we have a great history lesson on the streets. A real journey into the past by a closet.

Some say that Rio Grande do Sul is a region of Brazil. The territory located at the end of the map (or early, depending on your point of reference) has in its history of colonization several migration cycles, so many cultures the form. We have a settlement in cycles according to the history of Europe, as the coming of the Jews here fleeing the Holocaust, the Germans in search of a new land for riches in the great German depression after the first war, or Italians in search of land fertile for crops like coffee.

Understand: typical gaucho clothes, ancestors, do not go out on the streets every day. Before you believe that when visiting the state will find bombachinhas walking on the streets, know that are historical pieces used in special events, perhaps in sights, but not always. In museums you can find many and street events celebrating immigration are common, but are also rare pieces.

Male pilcha – is the most popular clothing known. For men, it is also cultural heritage of the gauchos. Men wear baggy pants and loose in the legs that has a specific name, breeches. Paired with leather boots in the latest versions or sneakers and botilhas who wants to inspire the original European visual. The shirts are long sleeve, with front button or not, usually red scarf on the neck and can complement the look with leather hat with flaps open. It is very much seen among older and also a look comfortable.

The Pilcha Female – in street events typical feminine look is essential. It is a long dress with several layers in the skirt, short or long sleeve. Income is dearer finish is income, a fabric of the nobility, whence came the costume. To combine women can wear sneakers or botilhas, always with minimal or short jump.

Costume with Skirt for Women – Rio Grande do Sul have a more comfortable and appropriate attire for the day. It is the simple combination of long skirt, blouse and jacket sleeve. The skirt can receive two cuts on the sides and are even straight, no frills, basic. The brown color is the most used for this model, but there are several possible combinations among the younger and more modern.

Exit – is another typical gaucho costume and facing the most moderninhas, for those who do not want to wear long dress. The skirt, however, is still long, covering up to the middle of the foot. The model of the skirt is flared, with some frills and always well loose. Tight skirt is not typical of women’s gaucho clothing.

Basic Dresses – the gaucho love dresses, due to its strong Italian colonization. Frilly dresses, longer and always with a prominent bust and a little loose on top and comfortable. Whether it is for a cultural event, crawling shoes with rounded tip and are the most suitable.

Beware of novel concepts or movies. Gauchos are super modern, perhaps even more than some Brazilian cities by the constant importation of nearby countries of South America. Famous brands shops there are far more numerous than in several Brazilian states. Costumes are just for special events.