Galaxy S6 Owners Complain Of Camera Flash

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a problem with the camera Flash? Users of the XDA developers Forum complaining about a constantly bright Flash with Samsung’s new top Smartphone.

Many of you are looking forward determined to April 10, because then the Samsung Galaxy S6 goes finally officially on sale. But some early birds have already received their hot-awaited new smartphone. However, the joy is already tarnished in some, because some Galaxy S6 and S6 of the Galaxy’s come edge models to problems with the camera Flash, as the XDA developers Forum is to read.

Galaxy S6 Owners Complain Of Camera Flash

Galaxy S6 Camera Flash Results In Unwanted Life Of Its Own

According to the users reports, the lightning flashes even when not in use. In some cases, he should do that even when a machine is turned off. This should be only a dimly lit, yet may adversely impact on the battery life of your Smartphone the problem. A removing and reinserting the battery could provide any remedy, but because the battery in the new Galaxy is firmly installed S6 models, this measure is not feasible.

How many S6 smartphones by the problem are concerned, can not say at present. It remains for now nor is it clear whether that resolve this shortcoming by a software update. By the way, it is not the first problem about the pre-order complain, who have already received their S6. So there edge, but possibly deriving from the transport example already complaints about damaged displays when the Galaxy S6. Starting April 10, we know more.