Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Get Microsoft Office after Update

An update on 220 MB of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge rolls just now out, which brings more apps from Microsoft.

Right now waiting for an update to you if you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 S6 or edge with the curved screen. The update takes up 220 MB and brings three news with it.

Back to late March launched Samsung partnered with Microsoft, so that Samsung’s smartphones and tablets in the future arrives with apps from Microsoft preinstalled. It included OnePlus, OneDrive and Skype.

Since then, the three apps, Word, Excel and PowerPoint from Microsoft’s Office suite has been fully developed, and this means that the number of items, plus Microsoft apps for Samsung devices now counts 6. The last three apps are just a part of today’s software update for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, so you have the ability to make professional Powerpoints, worksheets in Excel or write on an important document on the go.

If you do not want to have multiple apps to fill the internal storage space-Yes, then there is not so much to do. They can not be uninstalled as with traditional apps. What you instead can is disable them in settings, but they will continue to occupy little space on your device.

New, refreshing icons

Samsung brings another novelty, which a few years ago would have drawn headlines. Due to the popular theme store in the two phones, however, it is not a nearly as big news today. It is Samsung’s original icons for the apps that get a face lift.

The square and, some think, a little old-fashioned icons are replaced with some round, which confusingly similar to Nokia’s old icons from the abandoned the Symbian operating system. It is still the same colors and objects in the icons, which are present, so they require hardly the great habituation.

Apps edge comes to the Galaxy S6 edge

When the great Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + was launched a month ago, was one of the news addition of function called Apps edge. Out on the right side of the curved monitor is feature saved by swipe once inwards to first get to the People the edge with your 5 favorite contacts and then once again to open Apps edge.

Apps edge is an easy way to get access to your 5 favourite apps on by adding them to the menu manually.No matter where you are in the operating system, you can swipe Apps edge forward and access your yndlingsapps very fast.

Update rolls out to the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, which means it sold here in Denmark. If you have not yet received a notification about this update, you can manually check by going into the Settings’ On device ‘Software Update’ Update.