Galaxy Gear: How to Use Your Smartwatch with Other Android Phones.

If you are tired of Galaxy Gear can only be used with Samsung’s selected phones, here’s a solution.

Galaxy Gear is Samsung’s answer to a smartwatch, so a wristwatch that is associated with your Samsung smartphone, can display text messages, mail, answer calls, and much more.

But one of the major points of criticism have been the reduction in the number of smartphones that can be linked together with Galaxy Gear. It is only a very small number of Samsung’s phones that are authorized to communicate with Galaxy Gear.

It can now be made on. And not only give access to multiple Samsung smartphones, but for Android phones in General. Only requirement is, however, immediately, that your phone supports Bluetooth 4.0

The UnLockr gives a step-by-step guide to how to get the pair your Galaxy Gear with other Android phones. It requires, however, that Galaxy Gear will be rootet and get new firmware.

We have not tested the method on our site, and can therefore not guarantee that it works. We must also point out that if you throw themselves over method, it is at your own risk.