Furniture Vinyl Tips

During the process of restoring an old piece of furniture with vinyl, we must face different tasks, both those that have to do with the placement of the vinyl itself, and others that are just as important for a fantastic final result.

In vinyl lining of smooth furniture, without too many moldings, it is important to carry out a very basic “mini restoration”, which only seeks to achieve the original shape and stability of the furniture. A good facelift will not do much good if that door of the closet is still down or if the table still limps with its new design.

Basic Tips For Vinyl Furniture Lining

Thus, we have compiled a series of tasks to be carried out in general for furniture that we all have at home, such as cabinets, tables or tables that are moreover the most usual furniture that we are going to liner with vinyl.

The tasks to be performed are:

Perform a visual inspection of the surfaces that will be lined with vinyl.

Fill with fillings the holes that can be left in the wood, either because they had elements that are no longer (such as holes of marks that are no longer placed, holes of nails that held frames that we are going to remove etc.). Keep in mind that the vinyl will not camouflage these imperfections, but it is simply a second skin through which we will see them.

Sand the parts on which we put putty to match the entire surface.

Glue moldings that are loose or more or less detached. If it is necessary, buy and replace them (they go in rolls of different widths) and in our case it will give us its design, since it will be covered by the vinyl lining.

Check the opening of each of the doors, if any. It is a good time to replace hinges if they are worn, or to pour oil if any chirría. Also, try to replace (in other holes, not in the same ones) the hinges that make the doors to be lowered. It’s the moment!

Check the stability of the furniture: if you limp you are in time to solve this in a thousand different ways. The easiest thing is to fit the furniture with bumpers, some taco etc. But always keep in mind if you are going to be seen once in your site or not, for opting for more or less elegant solutions.

Remove molded nails (on doors for example) if we are going to get so vinyl lining is easier. Then we can fill the holes with putty and sanding, as we mentioned above. It is possible to place the vinyl on moldings, but it will be quite laborious, being necessary sometimes to realize small holes in the vinyl and to use hot air to give it of form.

Once lined with vinyl (you can see placement tips on our website and in different blog articles), it is time to replace the handles and external elements. Take a look at the different possibilities of shooters on the market and renew these details that give the furniture a unique personality.

Here are some examples of different shooters that we have found for sale in the shooter section of Leroy Merlin, so that you get the idea of ​​how varied this subject may be. The combination with a new vinyl lining and even vinyl cut superimposed with some design is infinite.