Flowers, Flowers, Flowers Baby!

Hello girls, spring has not yet gone, mass flowers will continue in high summer (Yay!!! lol), so I came to talk a little bit about trousers with floral prints. I’m somewhat suspicious because I simply love this hit!!

It is a piece that is super easy to be combined (thank God!), the darker background are easier still. You’re discreet, not despair thinking that fashion does not apply to you because it is! There are several prints beautiful died in more tones nudes, which you can combine with more refined parts as a silk blouse or satin and even in more casual productions as a simple regatinha, t-shirts and tops, is super cute. Want to give an “up” in the production? put a blazer on top and/or friend an accessory and be happy! RS

Now, who’s more stripped, fashionista and not afraid to play in the productions, Valley combine a flowery tone with the shoe or colored blazer leaving the look super fun. The beautiful Olivia Palermo wasn’t afraid to take a risk by combining florida pants with shoes of Oz, I know that taste is divided opinions, but, I as a fan believes Jaguar prints. Simply love it.

The pants can be jeans or even lighter fabrics, retinhas or skinny (well glued), capri (those with the exact length of the ankle), I prefer skinny jeans.Democratic Super and cheerful, flowery pants rule from simple and casual productions even looks more elaborate with shirts and blazers. In question yet? The following are photos of combinations for you to lose the fear and inspire:

It is worth noting some basics not to overdo it on Thedresswizard:

1) First of all, respect your style, taste and common sense, if you don’t feel well, don’t use just because it is “trendy” ok? So, nothing better than to mix prints with neutral things. Another good tip is to use a neutral tone blouse to go with any color of pants pattern chosen.

2) For those who do not care to dare, Valley match prints. I confess that I’m a little scared, but when I see someone I think awesome!

3) Prints are great in volume, so you have wide hips (my case! o cruel life. RS) and thicker legs (unfortunately not rs) caution! Choose pieces with a darker background or combine with a blazer over “long one” to “camouflage” any imperfection.

And then, what do you think? I hope you enjoyed and taken courage to test a flowery look!