Five Advantages of LED Lighting

LED lighting technology has come a long way. Currently we can condition and add led´s to 90% of all current lighting devices: lighting for homes, offices, traffic lights, automobile, mobile phone flash headlights, … among many others.

Thanks to its small size, ability to generate light and the variety of colors that we can generate the led´s are increasingly used. In addition, with respect to traditional incandescent or fluorescent lamps Lighting the led´s have advantages that make them very interesting as substitutes for the lighting at home. Let’s meet five advantages of LED lighting.

1. most energy efficient. The LED´s consume between 80-90% less electricity. This means a significant saving in the electricity bill.

2. longer life. The average life of an LED lamp stands at around 45,000 hours to 2000 hours offering a standard bulb. The fact jumps to the naked eye, with a lamp LED would have five years of continuous light, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week; front of the 83 days of the standard bulb.

3 they are greener. Ordinary light bulbs contain tungsten and fluorescent mercury, toxic products. The LEDs are recyclable and comply with European RoHS legislation of pollutants.

4 they are a source of heat. Unlike traditional bulbs do not emit heat which avoids energy waste and allows its use in small and delicate places where the heat produced can be harmful.

5. low maintenance. The long life of LED products avoided having to be doing frequent maintenance.

The price of the LED lamp with respect to the traditional lighting is what a priori can make us opt for continue as we are but creed, is worth.