Fitbit Wristband Activity Tracker

The fitbit tracks the smartklockan Blaze with activity bracelet Alta. And it impresses you still–at least to some extent.

When we previously tested model Blaze, it was mainly the app and the features that impressed. The design was more a watershed where some of us thought it was stylish while others were more hesitant. The test of the Fitbit Blaze, you can read here.

Many alternative bracelet

Fitbit Alta is a more traditional activity bracelet and this time we are more in agreement. Alta is really neat and come in a variety of colors. It would not be enough, there are additional bracelets in rubber, leather or stainless steel for a more personal style. You should use your device during exercise, you should choose a band of rubber, then those in the leather and stainless steel is not splash-proof.

Regardless of the color choice is quality feeling high in both device and band, the only thing that bothers us a little bit is that it is relatively difficult to strap on strap on your arm.

Installation requires the manufacturer’s application to be downloaded free of charge to both Android or IOS. After that just follow the instructions, and the whole thing is done in a few minutes. It may be that an update of the device needs to be done and then it takes a little longer.

Communication takes place via bluetooth and of course, given that, for example, on most aircraft is not allows with active transmitters, it is strange that Alta cannot either turn off or put in flight mode.

Function button is missing

The battery life is specified at about five days of using, and it seems to reconcile rather good. However, it does of course matter whether if you set that the band should be continuously connected to your smartphone or if the watch should only be shown when you turn on your wrist.

To “awaken” the bracelet you need only dubbeltappa relatively hard with your finger on the device and then do the same thing once for each specific feature: the step counter, distance, calories burned, and so on.

It takes a while to get into management, but after a while floating it on even if an additional function button would have been welcome.It had also been used to turn off the unit with the …

Features of the app itself is the big thing with the Fitbit, with a clear and transparent presentation of all data and what you accomplished during the day (and night, by all means, it also has an eye on your sleep). Every single part of the app have submenus, where you can get more detailed information and set personal goals.

In the app, set also the digital layout of the device, depending on whether you wear Alta on the left or right arm and if you want to see the information bar or standing. Really good! Alta can Autodetect if you exercise and then for six different forms of exercise; cycling, Cross Trainer, sports aerobics, walking and running. Registration kicks off after 15 minutes of activity.