First Television Sets with Chromecast Integrated without Android TV

The first television sets with integrated free Android TV Chromecast they are about to arrive in stores thanks to a collaboration with the American manufacturer Vizio.

It has just reveal the Variety magazine in an article that quoted several sources related to the project and who even dares to put an approximate release date. for the first devices. They will start selling this same spring in America.

This new line of Vizio televisions will not have a menu smart common TV whereby navigate between applications but that everything will have to be injected from another device. Chromecast is a small intermediary device between a smartphone or Android tablet and TV that allows the streaming of content quickly and direct.

They say that they will go on sale together with tablets of Vizio that will support and remote control. In addition, they become optimized to take advantage of the TV, as players or applications of subscription services popular in the United States. But remember that it is worth any other Android 4.4.2 or later.

Chromecast vs Android TV

It is a strategy of Google to Android TV, which is a console with the ability to own process that connects directly to the television and that uses the smartphone or Tablet just as controller. While the latter has been integrated already in some smart TV manufacturers such as Sony and Phillips, Chromecast had remained separate until the date independently, and only appeared within the televisions through Android TV.

Variety says that only Vizio is the first, but there are unless another company that is interested in this new format. A very necessary support because the ecosystem of native apps available is very limited.

As we could see in the analysis of Engadget, independently it has advantages and disadvantages compared to operating systems that bring the big manufacturers such as LG and Samsung smart TV. When this format is officially announced will watch to see if it has improved somewhat, for example in servicing 4 K.

And also in price, because if separately sold for 39 euros, integrate it just should be to raise the price of the TV. At least not as much as the difference that there is between a TV with and without smartTV from the same manufacturer and same features as image.