Fill Your Water Bottle

Drinking water at work should be a simple habit acquired by all, but the reality is that the high workloads and pressure that many are subjected in our day to day to meet the deadlines makes us forget things so normal Like drinking water.

” Forgetting to drink water during our working hours on time due to a peak of work is not worrisome, but if that fact becomes routine and our normality then we will have a serious problem”

And it is that the water activates all the organs of the body, and of its correct intake will depend our health and our energy throughout the day. Not only is it counterproductive for us, but for the company itself will imply a decrease in the productivity of its workers due to lack of hydration.

Because of this, more and more companies choose to make their water available for free withthe office water machines we all know . It is no coincidence, therefore, to see these types of water sources in most of the companies in which we have worked.

And if we work in an office without water machines we should start collecting among all the employees so that those in charge of deciding about it put a free dispenser at our disposal.

In many cities and towns, tap water is not recommended because it has an excess of lime and other minerals that in abundant amounts are not good for our organism in the long term.That is why the solution in this type of situation ends up going by taking ourselves a bottle of liter and a half to spend the day, with the consequent personal cost that this entails at the end of the month. Nor should we forget the inconvenience of waiting to take a bottle of our home each day, load it to work and take it to recycle at the end of our workday. Depending on the types of transport we use, carrying a large bottle to work can even be an annoying practice and, according to our complexion and age, harmful to our muscles if we do not balance weights daily or do not have a suitable backpack to carry it.

For all these reasons, the most sustainable and healthy use for water consumption is to freely dispose of the one we want in the office. With this, it will suffice to always carry a bottle of half liter for example to fill it from the own water machine in the office whenever we thirst or run out of water. We will save time and money, and our health will thank us from day one.