Fashion Trend Slip on Sneakers

The sneakers are now a permanent part of the options fashions to use. Comfortable, they are a return to the shoe 50 market with a more romantic adaptation of the absence of jump, a touch of the 80’s ballet shoe and the practicality of wear well in any type of foot. You do not even miss it this shoe, just choose the model that best suits your style.

To keep up with trends, some suggestions of sneakers fashion 201 6 are:

Closed on top – the inspiration is the shoe oxford , trendy again. You can have the best of both worlds: without the delimitation of using a shoe and still be fashionable with bows and everything on top to imitate the nodes of footwear. The trend is hot!

With metal pins – fashion is now metallizing the items, then accoutrements as buckles and pins at the top of this extra comfortable shoes are trends. Not to err in the way will match the item, sneakers with details combine better without printed fabric and without colored clothes. Print always looks good with neutral clothing. Colored shoes combines as contrast or tone on tone, never too much information in the visual.

Printed with leopard – the animal print goes out of focus, but the leopard is. It can be smooth, with metallic buckles and other paraphernalia as a light glow to a less casual use. The important thing is to come out a little too basic in neutral colors and animal print patterns are a luxury for those who know how to use.

Prints of Portuguese tile – they were a real fever last year and are still high because it is the kind of timeless design. The blue and white combination is the most classic and various brands are investing. It is more common to find models in multi – brand stores with good values ​​into account.

Sneaker income – for weddings is the last bet as fashion and light. The model is to be transparent, another hot trend for the coming months, or covered with application to income over.

Red sneakers – the color of love, passion, romance and dearest pin up fashion is back and everything! Why join? Because it is very beautiful to use red sneaker and highlight the feet. You can not miss if you understand that the red highlights the feet, so you must use color to close a little look. Red goes well with dark colors or tone on tone, but be careful not to overdo the feminine and fatale look.

Transparent shoes – some short and some say that is overexpose and seems plastics, even if the material is not this. The tip is covered, so not need as much care as with the nails. They are basic and for a casual look, cool for a younger style. Can not be used with half unless half transparent pants. You have to fix a little feet because everyone will look, okay?

Sneakers in 2016 for the World Cup

In year all football world knows: the canopy permeates all the colors of the window. Have emerged in both the popular market as the brands inspirations in sandals, clothing as well as shoes, of course. In investing? Manufacturers like Azaleia popular and has models with the colors of the flag.But there’s more daring stamping inspired fashion World Cup as Brazil’s flag, player names and everything you remember our dear Brazilian team.


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All I am thinking about the Cup. And sell well! But to use after soccer games, our tip is to think of neutral colors like blue, green, yellow and white and classic match your football pattern sweaters.