Fashion Surf Women Online

I love the passion this season! After all we can take the shorts of the closet, put the legs out with that miniskirt, get a bronze, are colors, colors, many colors, it is the most joyful time of year. Check out the best of the female surf fashion!

The fashion Surf is all. Despite the name , you do not have to be a surfer to use such parts, just to play in the colors, the floral prints and light and freshly baked tissues. Open sandals and rasteirinhas are always a good choice. And the gladiator sandals that are coming back also combine too with this weather. The strap blouses never go out of fashion for the summer, and bring with them a watercolor of colors and models.

Formerly the surf fashion was only focused on the male audience, do not know why, I think a bit of machismo perhaps, as the sport is also practiced by women forever, and besides, as I said, fashion is not only for surfers, anyone can use Thedressexplorer.

Some brands are experts in this fashion, in the case of Reef, Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Billabong and Volcon, just not much to extend the list, these tags are pieces specifically for the female fashion surf.

The main parts of this fashion are tops, shorts, miniskirts, shorts, shirts, strap blouses and dresses.

The caps are also widely used by girls who adopt this style, after the fashion is surfing, it is understood that has to do with the beach and on the beach you need to protect your eyes and your face. They are made in various designs, colors and style, and really make the head of the fans to the style.

Tennis and Sapatênis are also pieces that have a lot to do with surf fashion as well as the snakers. These shoes when used with colored dungarees leave the visual well stripped.

To mount an interesting look surf fashion you can use discolored and customized clothes and can even use the customization techniques Dip dye and Tie dye. This will make you spend little and get super trendy pieces, moreover, will be able to wear clothes that have not were more used, and now will seem new. The more vivid and more ways you use the customization, but with summer look you’ll get.

And the super accessory to finish off the female surf fashion could not miss: colorful mirrored sunglasses (close attention to the colorful word, as if it just gets mirrored aviator looking model than surf fashion).

Although I’m sure you, superantenada with fashion, know that this is a completely stripped down look, I prefer to tell: nothing to use it on social occasions or sophisticated events. Even if you are a teenager, this is not an excuse not to dress according to the occasion. Will pick up bad, and you will certainly be the center of attention, but instead of praise, will only listen to criticism.