Fashion Sandals

Fashion Sandals this summer promises to be very eclectic, which is great, because that way it pleases all tastes and styles.

The vibrant colors are still in fashion this season in all models, the Sandals appear in thin strips and elegant passing sensuality and also in wide strips that promise to be significant.

Type sandal Sandals trip, Anabela, wedge sandals, Gladiators are back with all this summer, the Gladiators Sandals earn a new version with jump to please all preferences.

Novelty won’t miss the sandals that are fashionable, various shapes and styles will be part of the look of sandals, especially the Sandals alternatives that appeal to people who like things differentiated, but fashionable on

The materials used are also varied as leather, wood, acrylic … with ornaments accompanying certainly each outfit, complementing the look, flowers, foil, metal, fabric will be used to let the sandals with more style.

Enjoy and choose the one you like freedom and without leaving the sets.