Fashion Geek and Nerd

The nerds then found their peers and were joining, forming groups and even subdividing. The geeks are nerds connected in comic books, science fiction movies and video games games.

And the desire to stand out and be exalted as nerds, or more specifically as geeks is that emerged specific clothes and accessories for them, is the geek fashion and geek fashion, to encompass everyone.

The best part of the geek and nerd fashions is that usually only own nerds understand the patterns and models of clothes.

The most common is to find clothes famous characters as Spiderman, Batman and even Darth Vader, but you also find clothes that only those who play Assassin’s Creed will know.

For the nerd fashion, the most common is to find jokes in clothes that have a lot to do with the nerd life and who is not will not understand anything, and that makes it even more delicious joke.

Do you believe that there are Geek Fashion stores selling clothes that may even be points wi-fi? Well, they have electronic devices that can be removed so that the laundry is washed and put back.

For nerds you find even a shirt with the symbol of the Greek letter Pi (π), but the lyrics are all written with numbers representing IP. It is for nerds same.

It is also common to find shirts that light up in the dark and some that make mention of the Mario Bros and the film Star Wars.

But those who think that the clothes are geared just for boys, the girls nerds can also avail. Has pants and dresses super sexies with prints of scenes from movies, game or TV series.

Some do not have “no more” to the eyes of the laity, we look and see a common clothes, but the geeks know that look is a famous character for them, is the case of Batgirl outfit, is a simple jeans torn, or a shirt with an all star, but is already just like the character.

But fashion not for the clothes, it is very common to find caps, sunglasses, and even decorated nails inspired by the drawings, movies or sitcoms, even the Pokémon you encounter.

The shoes are also found with prints for Geeks, but only in specific stores. If you are a geek, you want to dress as such, but do not even know where to start, just take some research that will find many clothes and accessories to inspire.