Fashion from Globo Novels 2016

What most influences fashion in 2016 the populace in Brazil? He said sure who spoke Novela Globo, if the eight then, where it makes the head of women, ah men and children.

Who does not remember the executive Helo Salve Jorge super copied the streets of our Brazil. And Mary Jane, little baby daughter Valdirene in love life, which launched the fashion for hair fachinhas for babies with very big one flower next?

But fashion does not stop at clothes. Several cuts and hair color trend seen after appearing in the novel. The redhead Marina Ruy Barbosa was inexhaustibly requested in the halls at the time of the soap opera Love of Life. It was a red in the natural tone, the more difficult to achieve, and therefore the most desired.

Currently the Empire Du is that is on the list of the most copied redheads. Only the red it, despite being very intense, has easier access tone.

The accessories also receive special attention in the costumes of novels. Where do you think he left the fashion bag with fringe? The collars of Maria Marta are also making women hit legs around behind an equal.

A whole trend that came to light was the look of the 70s with the novel Boogie Oodie. The bell mouth pants are already well regarded there, she received a makeover and what more we see today is the flare pants, the new name for this model.

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As it is bulky beneath combine better with sequinhas blouses, and preferably inside pants with a cintinho. But that does not mean it can not also be used with loose blouse. Since this shirt is not short, there is no problem. The gowns, for example, fall very well with the pants flare or bell mouth, the way you want to call.

The Isis Valverde, again, is dictating fashion with its Riponga style also in the novel Boogie Oogie. If you love a visual well stripped, will love the skirts and dresses well larginhos, they are super-comfortable and freshly baked, all about the summer.

The sparkles are also super high because of the fashionable novels. Just like the high waist trousers, flared skirts and bodies. The high waists were already appearing enough, but with the novel we see more.

Another piece that was already being widely used, but now dominated the streets was glued pants Cirre, is that tissue that mimics leather.

Even overalls Carlota reappeared.

Some novels launch fashion after the novel ends and the fashion is. An example of this are the rings Amarilys, the character Danielle Winits in love life. There are three golden rings and wide staying in three fingers: ring, middle and index fingers. Sensational and goes with everything.

Stay attentive to the main characters of the novels to always stay tuned fashionable street.