Fashion for the Whole Family

Oops Oops … Monday and the Hunch of Luxury once again starting the week with news for the guys! Nothing better to liven up the day than a chilled news, neh? And speaking of “fresh”, it seems that the butterflies began to give the guys around here. We are amandooo this thing on … Makes you want to stay all day at home under the covers, watching a movie, taking a hot chocolate … hummmmm … and all this in a comfortable jammies, slippers and all the fall/winter gives us right. Who doesn’t love this stewardship? KKKKK. So get ready because today’s post is especially for those who enjoy comfort in time to get dressed, either in look of the day-by-day or even in sleep. It is with great joy that we want to introduce you to the Spazio Piu Bella, a store of Campo Grande (MS) specializes in fashion for the whole family: women’s fashion, lingerie, pajamas for adults and children, male and female, swimwear etc.

The Spazio Piu Bella is a dream come true of entrepreneurs Celoni Vincensi and Vincensi Ceane, mother and daughter who for some time have worked in the fashion industry, Maracaju town inside of MS, and saw in the capital Campo Grande to business expansion opportunity. The focus of the store is to meet women who are mothers, wives, and that are in the same place options for the whole family. In addition, in the Spazio Piu Bella you can find – exclusively – pieces of Gisele Panday, a designer of Dourados/MS that has conquered the fashion scenario. The brand is a reference in terms of “x practicality” for working with the fabric Fluity, a superfine mesh manufactured with polyamide microfibre and lycra, with a lot of fluidity, elasticity and extremely soft touch. Its surface is quite compact with modern look. Is a product which by its trim does not form volume and can be used, or fair, draped in pieces for fashion! Is there a special fabric, you don’t knead, super practical, great for women who want practicality and elegance, especially in time to Pack! Adoramooosss!!!

Among the various options that we can find in Spazio Piu Bella are Pajamas Sonhart (for adults and children, male and female), as well as comforters, sheets, blankets, bags and accessories. In the lline of lingerie, Liz and in. Joy are sales success. For those who want to take advantage of the promotions, the line swimwear is with special discounts of the fresh water brands and Classic (all with 30 to 50% off: prices starting at $ 45.00!); swimwearMash and Colcci; and also Paulienne Pajamas (liganete). People are muiiitas options of gifts for the whole family, including mother’s day. Ahhh and stay tuned because the Spazio Piu Bella is going to promote a special event for mother’s day, the day 07/05, with must-see discounts!