Fashion Composition with Neoprene Fabric

The neoprene is a polymer produced under high temperatures and pressures, in the case of a synthetic material derived from petroleum in the form of synthetic elastomer. It has features such as waterproof, thermal protection, strength and elasticity, giving it a wide range of uses, ranging from the automotive industry to the textile industry.

The neoprene has always been used in wetsuits and surfing because of its excellent features, but since the winter of 2015 he has been invading the runways. Attended the parades of the summer 2016 from Brazilian brands Coconut Water, Balcony and Animale , falling once in thanks off fashionistas on duty.

For its unique features, the neoprene gives rise to structured clothes, and adapt to the body shape and curves in the case of some clothes is used for high compression, tuning and shaping the body. Because of this, the material is being increasingly used in different ways, entering once in the wardrobe of the most tuned.

Feminine Fashion

The neoprene is becoming increasingly the darling of stylists, fast-fashions and consumers in general, receiving applications in various parts of the guard female clothing. By owning a sports footprint looks with neoprene almost always break the excessive sobriety visual, giving a touch round, urban, and especially comfortable. The material is also currently figurine easy on the looks of street style, ensuring minimalism and, paradoxically, a sophistication because of its almost always structured pieces.

– Skirts

Neoprene skirts are both comfortable and delicate, feminine and slightly sports, being made ​​in different models. The flared skirt made ​​of neoprene is the preferred model, appearing in visual since in sober colors like black, navy blue and white to colored and patterned on models like with floral prints or animal print.

Nevertheless, models like the pencil skirt and skirt are also available. The full skirt even gets a redesign with neoprene folds, ensuring a romantic and fun look.

For a more formal look able to go to work, choose a pencil skirt neoprene, a social silk shirt and a lined blazer. For a sexier look, combines her flared skirt neoprene a stamped body and a beautiful belt. Who want a more romantic look, you should choose a pleated full skirt neoprene and a more fluid and delicate fabric shirt.

– Dress

Neoprene dresses have also become a recent sensation, with models for all body types and tastes, ranging from the most bandaging and together even the most filmed and released.

To play safe, choose a neoprene dress to just above the knee, black, with no detail. You can increase production with a powerful shoe or a maxi necklace full of details, always in your closet one wildcard piece that goes from the office to happy hour.

For those who do not give up to get attention at a party at night, choose a shorter and fairer neoprene dress with cutouts on the sides and neck more closed. If you want to disguise the silhouette, choose a high compression neoprene dress the sides. If the sides have black bands, your waist and hips look even smaller.

– Legging

The leggings neoprene cold will protect you, will shape your right one form of body, and can give a sophistication to the look, provided you choose the right models.

Opt for a neoprene legging style riding and leather cutouts for a refined look and bold instantly. You can combine with silk blouses or lighter shirts, with high heels, sneakers or boots. The more adventurous can choose a legging white or printed neoprene. Combine the prints with smooth blouses or the same range of print colors, finishing off with most basic accessories.

– Outerwear

The neoprene hulls are the perfect choice for the cooler days, without losing the charm and femininity and without having to use multiple layers of clothing. From the shortest to the longest, the neoprene jackets create a sporty-chic look, perfect for all hours.

Combine short and printed neoprene jacket with a pencil skirt, pantyhose, and white blouse. Tailpiece with a sneaker or scar pin and you’re ready to rock at work. You can also opt for a jacket sportiest model neoprene with leather applications, combined with a lighter mesh shirt, pants skinny and heeled shoe for a unique and full of attitude look.

The neoprene shows that came every day more to stay and be part of the female universe clothing. Take the material out of the water to the walkways and streets and lot since your look with neoprene.

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