Fallout Shelter 1.6 Is The Largest Update Game with Missions, New Enemies, and More

These days all the talk of Pokémon Go, but another game that caused and causes sensation is Fallout Shelter, which has just received a huge update of content on the occasion of their first anniversary, as was announced at the last E3.

It is not much less the first Fallout Shelter in Android is updated with more content. In April included recycling and civilian clothes, and previously introduced the mascots. Today’s update is however still further, by entering the expected missions, a new system of combat, new enemies and items.

Explore outside the refuge

Although you could already send your residents to explore beforehand, don’t have any control over the inhabitants once crossed the gates of the refuge. All you could do was read your log and bring them back if things got ugly. That changes now with missions, allowing for the first time explore new locations.

To start missions you must build a new room called the Office of the Supervisor. This room can climb level three times to unlock access to a higher level missions.

In addition to sending your inhabitants to missions that offers you the game from the new menu, your residents also you will find locations during their explorations. At these places usually you will find enemies… and objects of all kinds.

New combat system

With the missions come several changes in the combat system, some available only in missions and others in any battle. Now you can take more control Apart from put to an inhabitant in the same room as a monster and being a mere observer of the battle.

While you explore locations can play in different rooms to send there your inhabitants, and similarly can touch an inhabitant and then an enemy to order you to attack him. At times will also have the opportunity to make a critical attack playing at the right time.

Another welcomed feature is that when one of your residents is wounded during a battle, an icon appears next to the for can heal you quickly using a Stimpack. No doubt will save you more than one trouble.

New monsters and interface changes

It is inevitable that finish boring of be you always fighting the same enemies, and therefore this update brings you two enemies of the Fallout universe: Mutascorpios and Ghouls. You find them in the wilderness, with random attacks or fail when an espresso in a room.

One thing that perhaps will not convince too is the introduction of a new unit: the nuka cola, which adds to the energy, food, water and sheets. This “premium” power unit allows you to accelerate processes such as going to the place where it happens a mission, that instead of taking 10 hours can take 10 nuka-colas. A pack of 6 nuka queue is worth $ 1.09 on purchases in-app.

With so many changes it is expected that the interface Some have also received another change, which in this case is mostly a reorganization. The upper right corner is now bound to the nuka cola, moving construction button at the bottom. Similarly, the buttons to interact with the rooms are now at the bottom.

Finally, it should be remembered that this update and anniversary coincide with the launch of the game also on PC, ideal if so update the performance on your mobile begin to resent. That Yes, does not synchronize the starting with your progress on Android, so you will have to start from scratch.