Fallout C.H.A.T. Arrives to Your Mobile

Bethesda knows how to move in the mobile world, of that there is no doubt. When they presented Fallout 4 released Fallout Shelter, a small (and addicting) game of resource management in, how not, a nuclear shelter. Today, a week of the release of the next installment, presented C.H.A.T.

Fallout C.H.A.T. It is an application to write messages and upload them our social networks or applications type WhatsApp, not an integrated messaging application. With it we can create images with text and emojis as above, or send gifs through other applications.

Under the acronym hides how not, Communication Hub And Transmitter. In it we find a good amount of Vault Boy-based emojis and elements of the game, as well as the small animations that we find the game in the form of gif.

Without a doubt, a way to promote the game worthy of applause.