Facebook with Revenues of Nearly US $ 1 Billion

The Facebook does not comment how is the box itself, but people familiar with the business say: it is better than we could all guess. No wonder, since currently the site is almost as accessible as Google, having spent the search service by a semaninha (after the Earth returned to the axes and Google was again the most visited).

The magazine Wired said that only in 2009, Facebook got a fabulous recipe: something between $ 700 million and $ 800 million. Not bad for a site that turns and moves faces charges related to the privacy of its users. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the FB – in partnership with a Brazilian who did not follow the company say the bad language – was forced to make a presentation in which showed the new shares of the social network for the sake of privacy.

Also according to the magazine, the net profit of Facebook would be “tens of millions of dollars”, without giving an exact figure. I do not doubt anything that is so true.

At that time, Zuckerberg is giving one of his broad smiles.