Facebook Is Planning an Alternative to the ‘Dislike’ Button

It’s not always you ‘liked’ it you look at Facebook. The social media giant will change.

A sad news pops up in your Facebook feed. The story is tragic and relevant, but it is by no means something you will ‘ like ‘.

The kind of everyday problems Facebook has in mind and the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, admits in a question session that the like button not turn to express the feelings that your users want to share. It writes our site.

Often people share something on Facebook, which is sad moments in their lives. People tell us that they are bored of only being able to press ‘like’, because it does not express an appropriate feeling, explained Mark Zuckerberg.

Dislike button can be abused

Many users therefore calls for a ‘ seemed not well om’-button, but it breaks the Facebook founder is not about.

“Many have asked about a ‘ does not seem well om’-button, because they want to express, if there is something they do not like. It is not something that we think is good for the world, “elaborates on Mark Zuckerberg

A former employee at Facebook’s European hove district, Mikael Lemberg, nods Yes to Facebook’s opposition to ‘ dislike’ button and explain to mx.dk how this could be misused:

“I think they’ve done themselves a great many considerations about how it should be designed. They are not interested in just to make a button that says: ‘ it was something shit, you lay up. ‘ they will not be linked to anything which could give rise to harassment or personal smear campaign ”

Sympathy rather than disapproval

Instead suggest that it instead will be a sympathy button Facebook will integrate into their service. It will make it easier to express compassion or disagreement without being disagreeable for afsenden.

“For example, when someone shares a photo of a Syrian boy drowned in the water’s edge, have users lacked a way to respond to in addition to comment. An opportunity to say that they do not think about the content without having to keys, explains Mikael Lemberg, which is now working with social media software with Falcon Social.

When the or the, new buttons will be rolled out, joins Facebook, however, nothing about.