Facebook for Android Will Require Installing Messenger

To date the official application of Facebook for Android, from the beginning, it allows us to send private messages to our friends in this social network. Then eventually, at the end of 2011, they launched Facebook Messenger, dedicated to instant messaging application and until the end of 2013 offered virtually the same as the section of the application of the social network, with the exception of chat bubbles, so many users not installed it.

It was not until November 2013 that the renewed Facebook Messenger, currently in version 4.0, finally offered an interface and functionality not available already on Facebook for Android, how to send messages to contacts who are on Facebook but who are not our friends, new groups, the forwarding messages or shortcuts. Now if that is worth having installed the messaging application.

Install Facebook Messenger at the moment it is optional but soon it will be compulsory if we want to send private messages to your contacts. Facebook has begun to notify users that it will to send messages that mandatory install Facebook Messenger. Can only continue by sending messages from Facebook for Android users with low range with low memory devices, the rest will have to download the messaging application.

This leads us to understand that the messages section of Facebook for Android already you will not receive more news, that already all the improvements and new features receive them as in recent months only Facebook Messenger. As up to now Facebook will display messages section but already for all will be a simple shortcut to Facebook Messenger.