Effect of Using Hair Gel

Fixative gel is a product often used in modeling.

The aim of this type of product is to keep a nice appearance and hair intact throughout the day or, at least, for many hours.

For many people, the hair is one of the most vital aspects of appearance. And even the way your hair is cleaned is an element of personality. There are many people who do not live without gel.

The excess of the use of these types of chemicals can damage the hair. Do you know that? To have a beautiful hair, you must not leave aside the basic hair care. It is essential to evaluate the label of beauty products, as Ask4beauty says.

Effects of gel on your hair

  • Generally, there is alcohol and other chemicals that remove moisture from the hair in this type of hair product. The result is a gradual desiccation. The hair will become more fragile, rough and dull.
  • Hair loss. The chemicals that exist in this type of cosmetic formulation may favor the increase of tallow. Have you noticed that you usually do not choose oily hair gel? The hair follicles can be clogged and this is one of the causes of hair loss. Of course, here this is an extreme and unusual case.
  • Maybe it is one of the most common consequences of being seen that gel increases the oiliness of the hair. Excess oils is one of the causes of dandruff. And, do you know that hair loss is also linked with dandruff? As you can see, one thing leads to another. Avoid continuous use of this kind of products to finish with dandruff.

The gel is not a great villain of hair. And, the negative effects of the still divided medical opinion.The hair is divided into three layers: inner fibres (bone marrow), cortex (which involves the marrow) and the cuticle (the outer layer). The gel acts in the cuticle normally. And, it’s hard to penetrate the other layers of hair by only using the gel. You have to be careful with their uses associated with other chemicals, such as: lights, hair relaxers, using dye and permanent wave.

Using the gel will not cause damage in a moderate way, if the person cares his or her hair. Do not use it every day, for example. Make hydration for hair. Try to avoid excessive use of hair dryer and other tools (hair straightener, hair curler, flat iron, etc.)

And what do you think about that? Do you think the hair gel damages the hair?