Easy Camp | GO – Tents For Beginners

An Outdoorerlebnis, that’d be something. You are planning your first camping vacation, but the travel budget is limited? Easy Camp® know exactly what you need. The team of experienced campers knows very well the problems of camping novice. Therefore, a product line has emerged that takes this into account. The tents are very user friendly and functional, put also emphasis on design and that inside a friendly pricing. Which further development of the tunnel and dome tents of easy Camp® series go have experienced this year, reading to find out.

Easy Camp GO - Tents For Beginners

There are always innovations, but in 2014, the manufacturer has come up with something Easy Camp® for its go tent line.

Removable tub-shaped groundsheet

“So the popular series GO now benefits from a removable tub-shaped groundsheet in the lobby as well as a higher door and greater headroom.” This practical features make everyday camping enjoyment and increase the comfort a lot. The easy Camp® go tents present themselves in three product lines in grey-green design, the series shadow, spirit, and phantom. Friends, couples or young families find a tent that is tailored to you as needed.

Easy Camp® GO shadow 200 tunnel tent

This lightweight, compact two-person tunnel tent is ideal for a cycling trip or other adventures that require small packing measures. After a busy day would you tumble in no time in your tent? No problem: very quickly and easily, you will build it. Protected anteroom with removable tent floor, your luggage is space, so that you can sleep comfortably in the cabin. In a small tent is the Lufzirkulation of particular importance. The easy camp® shadow 200 has air vents and Windows, so optimal air exchange is guaranteed. If you are interested in the tent, you will find further details here.

Easy Camp® go spirit

Spirit’s models are equipped with an additional side door and the vestibule is very large. They are designed in different sizes for two to five people.

The easy Camp® spirit 300 three people, the spirit 400 can accommodate up to four people and the spirit 500 provides room for a family of five. We introduce here a tent you.

Easy Camp® go spirit 400

The entrance area has been extended also at the spirit of 400 to a ground plane so that your luggage can be stowed in the anteroom clean and dry. It is very spacious and suitable as a cooking zone. The additional side door allows access to the tent for 4 persons and also improves air circulation. The additional ventilation systems also support that. This tent is an all-rounder and so versatile. Read more information here.

Easy Camp® go phantom

Different dome tents of various sizes come together under this name: an Overview can be found here. Dome tents have the advantage that you have a square base and therefore regardless of the wind direction can be set up. They are already very well without the attachment of the tent, so well suited to the uncomplicated structure on the ground. We introduce one.

Easy camp phantom 500 dome tent

This spacious dome tent takes five people in his cabin. While it is not too tight. There are throughout enough headroom. Who sleeps with so many people under one roof, thanks for an optimal ventilation system and plenty of light, which ensure the window in the vestibule. With your grey-green appearance, these tents are an eye-catcher on the campsite. It is a nice tour tent, which you can see is like further details here.

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