Dresses: Winter Photos and Models

2011 Winter Dresses

Already anticipating autumn/winter trends, like good girls ahead of our time–and–that we are, we can’t help but wonder what will be the trend in terms of dresses.Piece that, for centuries, was unique costume for women, today, is used in productions where the intention is to give more charm and sensuality for whom is wearing. But, to break a little all that delicate aura that surrounds the dress, winter trends in 2011, bring a conceptual fashion, authentic and full of transformations and daring. For those looking for the new, without ceasing to be sophisticated.

The sparkling will be the flagship of the dresses, mostly in colors of red and blue, as well as the length of the dresses, which decreased, short warm up the coldest season promise of the year. The prints come in more measured and do not represent such a big deal in the Collections. But for those who cannot do without a printed dress, chess, with abstract themes, graphics, still persisting in winter–ethnic–just like the animal prints, come as the biggest bets. For feast days, dressed in white and silver too intense, targeted to get the touch of elegance and glamour to celebrations held at this time. In modeling, the silhouette of dresses from thedressexplorer  in 2011, announces the return of the model created in 1950 by Christian Dior, with well marked waist and flared skirt.