Doze Also Comes to Android Wear with Version 1.4, More Autonomy for Your Smartwatch

The arrival of 6.0 Android Marshmallow over Android Wear It has brought news of the announced initially, and is that with version 1.4 Android Wear after the Android smartwaches received support for speakers, new gestures and a number of voice commands as features star.

However, everyone the possibility that moved us ahead Android Wear also receive improvements in autonomy thanks to Doze, and fortunately it seems that it will be finally.

First tests to the new functionality of Google to save energy in Android devices were completely successful, demonstrating that Doze is effective and that Google seems to have finally successful with an important evolution in terms of energy efficiency.

Now, it seems that the smartwatches with Android Wear also will enjoy the best of Doze, and we are not talking about future but present thanks to the confirmation from Motorola in the 1.4 release notes for your bike 360.

How does Doze in Android Wear?

Because we obviously don’t know for certain are the algorithms that still Doze on the smart watches – nor is it that we know at the smartphones- but it seems that the system will be virtually identical in terms of its purpose: detect that a device is not in use and activate the energy saving mode.

We assume that in Android Wear this affect the usual performance as clock to use, therefore in this case required a minimum of energy, and in fact seems to Doze will activate when the clocks are not on our wrist, when we turn off the clock, when it stays for a while in stand-by or own linked smartphone is also in Doze mode.

No doubt a story more interesting and that will appeal to an Android Wear watch holders, because we know that in the case of a smartwatch their autonomy is probably the most important battle.

In addition, if you have a bike 360 and want to check the complete list of new features and/or instructions to install the new version of Android Wear, you can follow the link source where all the information in this respect is.