Doubts about Pokemon GO Are Resolved with This New Video

The beta of Pokemon GO It has started to spread by Australia and New Zealand and, thanks to their testers, we finally have a video that really shows how is the game. It is longest, lasts about nine minutes, and shows how it develops a game from the first time the application is started.

All questions that let us first Pokemon GO video are clear. Above all, it provides answers about combat and the use or not of the augmented reality system, two key points that had been pending in March. And in both cases, the answer is Yes.

Editor of light characters

Trainer or coach, that’s the first decision to be taken before a game. Then gives way to a rather simple characters editor, in which there are to choose between various types of faces, hair, eyes, clothes and backpack. Of course, we must also give it a name.

They are mere details aesthetic that do not have any kind of impact in the game because they do not alter the individual statistics. Although the character is continuously onscreen while walking around the map, so you have to live with it.

From the initial screen can also be accessed at the Pokedex, the compilation of captured or sighted, creatures that appear in the form of sliding column. Our captured Pokémon are in another section, and it can be arranged by name, attack, or remaining life points.

Capture and combat

As well, as is the game you loose exactly at the point on the map where you are and invites you to take to the streets to seek pokemon to capture. The only thing you have in your backpack are 20 pokeballs that done with some wild Pokémon. They are dotted around the map and appear by proximity.

To get them just there to focus them on the image and throw them the ball. There is no need to weaken them previously by the fight, at least in this beta version. It is an essential element for the training, not enough just to go up in level, because it is the way to understand the effectiveness of the attacks and the relationship between types.

If there is fighting, they are in the gym, special points associated with real locations in your city or town. You must choose a team and compete against others and their Pokémon to snatch it. During the battle the two creatures are face to face, as in the classic RPG, and they attack in time real with the only condition that it passes recharge time necessary for their implementation, as in the action-RPG.

It seems so far, all Pokémon have two movements, Although on the screen is not appreciated how chooses between them at the time of attack. They also have stones to evolve.

Reality augmented Yes, but choice

The other big question was to know if Pokemon GO finally made use of augmented reality or if it ran on funds rendered as seen in the first video. In fact both options are correct.

As the player walks down the street, a recreation of the map with points of interest that contact appears on the display and a silhouette of the nearby wild pokemon. But when approaching one of them switch to first person to start the capture, and then gives the choice between activating the camera to see in augmented reality or leave it virtualized.

There is another contact with reality, and they are those points of interest. When visiting parks, libraries, shops and photographed sites that are marked on the map will get Awards, especially more pokeballs, but also eggs of those who obtain more creatures.

Niantic has taken its experience with Ingress and has added it to Pokemon GO to give more depth to the stages of exploration. Is not exactly equal to its geolocation game capture points because no competing for them, but follows the same layout.

No launch date

As it is becoming increasingly more common when Nintendo is involved, information does not officially but through people who have some form of see it or try and filters that has front. A presentation of content, nor an explanation of mechanical and not an official gameplay video.

The accumulated delay of Pokemon GO is on the rise, and the beta users warn that are appearing some bugs, which should be enough Polish the game. It is also possible that this version is incomplete and, for example, the definitive Yes forces to fight a little against the wild pokemon before his capture, which is the most logical thing.

This new video has returned the project to the starting point because it has confirmed what was expected of him after the presentation trailer. Neither disappointed nor surprised.