Double Blouse Step By Step

I know that you, like me, love practicality together with beauty. And that’s exactly why I was born this blouse step by step-sided beautiful to live!

If you look closely, you will see that the blue fabric that I used in this piece was left ball dress that I sewed, Watch this lesson here, and it comes fully against one of our goals – a more sustainable and economic life. This fabric is a rayon, and can be chosen for the two faces of this blouse. Have you thought about cute and unusual combinations that you can sew with this model??? I’m in love just thinking about it.

With only 70 cm of fabric on each side you stitching this piece very easily. Use tricoline, rayon, chiffon, crepe, silk, satin, chambray, chambray and other fabrics with good trim. You will pan out in the finish and have “two” brand-new sweaters.

If you’re new, you go play that surely you will take care and rock. This will help you to be more confident and move on. Like all finishes are embedded, this play is going to be hard to generate big mistakes and so you leave the sewing machine so much happier!

Watch the video lesson with step by step:

Click the link to download your template:



Note that I made changes to the template to make a play. You can choose to follow the mold to the blouse, with a rounded neckline, or make modifications like I did and have a canoe neckline beautiful to live! Doing this helps you realize that with a quality base mold you can make beautiful pieces and full of your own style.

If you have questions let me know!

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