Donnatê Fashion

Just see the words Sale/Off/Promotion/Discount stamped in the windows of the shops already giving us a Rodrigo Sol uncontrollable! Hahahahaha!!! And want better opportunity to ensure that your desire, by a precinho look down there? Protect their wallets … promotions season started and it will be impossible to resist! ? the Luxury Guess is already gone crazy with the prices that are scattered comrades by the shops and we register what clarooo, must cool rolling around! Is that really worth these promotions? It is possible to find something nice? The answer is Yes, but hurry because it’s too much of a good thing … lol … and the most beautiful pieces come out real quick! We dive head-first into the net and today we’ll show you the choices that we have made on DONNATÊ, multi brand store of women’s fashion from Campo Grande (MS), which just entered the “Off Price” with discounts of 50% and 70%. That’s right girls: a mega settlement, with beautiful pieces various waiting to be mined!

And to our happiness, we found on DONNATÊ several pieces scatter symbols that will continue at high in the next few seasons, and the best: with prices muy friends! That is, you take the burning spring/summer stock and warrants several novelties for your wardrobe at half the price (or more!), without fear of making mistakes. We love it! Have clothes for women of all ages, styles and different sizes. So, if you too are such that the eyes sparkle and the heart flutters when you find a good liquid, join us today is festa day for ladies! We went to Constructmaterials, choose different looks and we made a lot of flashes for you to see how much cool things that are on sale, including put the prices of the pieces for you to see that we’re not talking about blah blah blah!