Dog Halloween Costume Ideas Homemade

You need a dog suit and you need it now. No time for ordering online or running to the pet store and hope they have something amounting to Rover. This is a short term, money is tight and your dog is not eager for silk and lace. Sometimes you just have to cave into pressure from children, neighbors, dog groups or other people who want this dog dressed and ready to go. You can get that puppy is ready for Halloween, a local parade or party child with this fast-tailored suit that is inexpensive, fun and disposable.

Things You’ll Need:
Permanent markers
Measure tape
Glitter pens, fake flowers, large buttons, ribbons (optional)
Finger paint (optional), visor foam child- size (optional)

Show More Instruction:

Try a small T-shirt for your dog. The dog’s head passes through the neck and front legs pass through the sleeves. If the shirt fits a little baggy, it’s just the right size. Take the shirt of the dog.

Cut the sleeves of the shirt with scissors. Ragged right. No binding or sewing. Also cut abdomen, so that your dog can walk easily and do chores piddle.

Make a small incision in the neck if the shirt does not fit easily over the dog’s head so the shirt goes smoothly. You do not want to be injured or the ears and eyes of your dog by squeezing tight shirt over his head.

Put an end to the model, so that shows the back of the dog. Otherwise, you can decorate with white T-shirt with glitter pens, fake flowers, large buttons, lacy edge or other bright features.

Include your dog in an autograph hound. Use a permanent marker to sign or print names on the back and sides of the shirt. If you have children, let’s write their names on the shirt in black or assorted colors, or let them put his hand prints on shirt with finger paint.

Measure your dog around the chest at its widest point according to Petwithsupplies, if you are going to buy a T-shirt for this purpose. This is the minimum size of shirt that you can buy, but bigger is better, because it will go off the dog easier. Shop for inexpensive colorful shirt and cropped sleeves and abdomen.

Add foam visor of your child, if your dog is patient. Dress your dog up just before the event and use many treats to dog happy. If you’re feeling really adventurous, make a matching shirt for escort dog.