DMC-CM10, The Hybrid between Camera and Panasonic Smartphone Will Have a Second Generation

Just over one year ago Panasonic surprised us with a unique mobile: the DMC-C1. Half compact camera, half smartphone this device that was all Android had a good reception at its launch. Unfortunately the Japanese company did a great effort to bring it to market by the big to be a niche product. That not took the opportunity to try and bring you our analysis in its day.

At that time the product seemed an experiment of Panasonic that was not going to have too much travel. Seems to not be so and we could soon see a renewal of this range CM. when we could see it? In Japan they are running that the presentation will take place tomorrow at the fair CP +. Is there confirmed its release, possibly let them see in late February at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona.

Their presentation could take place tomorrow in Japan

At the moment only details have been leaked of the DMC-CM10 Apart from a few images. They see how Panasonic maintains the original CM design lines and polished some aspects to make the device seem more a smartphone and less a camera: thinner, more unified elements…

On the technical specifications for the moment we don’t have details but what we hope is a renovation on the hardware to be a bumper range. The CM1 was a Snapdragon 801 processor and here we hope to at least come with a 810 and more RAM. The screen images seems larger: in the original model were 4.7 inches, that this element will grow is not necessarily good news because it could make the smartphone very uncomfortable in hand.

Where we expect more news is in the software section. Panasonic last year showed certain weaknesses in this section: application of the camera was fantastic (a very complex and with many options manual mode) but the Android version left to be desired. We will see if this time they are encouraged from Lollipop or better still, come with series Marshmallow.

We will be attentive to such possibly an announcement tomorrow at the CP + Japan but am surprised that Panasonic you have decided to continue with a product that once very unnoticed and it did not much pull on the market. The panorama of photographic devices (hybrid or dedicated) with Android not passes through its best moment, Samsung tried in the past with cameras and mobile hybrids and none of them finished Jell.