Diy: Custom Pillowcases

I’m sure you have at home, a bland sheet set, with plain colors. I also have, and when I saw this DIY, I was in love! Crazy to personalize my pillowcases.

Diy Custom Pillowcases

The step by step is simple, and the result is wonderful. You can enjoy to put the initials of the couple’s name, and create a beautiful game. Come on?

You Will Need:

Template ( click here to download the photo template)

Cardboard paper (or some other heavy paper)

Pre-washed and pressed DIY pillowcases through

Fabric paint

Stiletto or scissors

Scotch tape


How To Make:

  1. Print the template on card stock. You can use any design (arabesques, floral, abstract, geometric etc) and any size. If you want to print on the sulfite, I think it will be harder to apply the ink so it does not leak out of the trace.
  2. With the help of the stylus or scissors, trim the mold, removing the leaked parts that will receive the paint.Creating a negative drawing.
  3. Stretch the pillowcase on the table, and place a piece of plastic inside so that the paint does not stain the other side of the pillowcase.If the fabric is too light or slippery, put some heavy objects on the ends to help secure the pillowcase. Fasten the template with the tape, and begin the application of the ink with tapping. If you want to use several different colors, or reinforce the layers of paint, always let the previous one dry, not to mix and erase everything ( follow manufacturer’s drying guidelines).
  4. Remove the mold, and with the help of a fine brush, make the necessary touches.

Play in the colors, and in the prints. With creativity, you can make various legal combinations, and even use molds with children’s motifs. I want to see everyone with their hands full.

As soon as I can, I’ll rush to buy the paint, and tape or put it on for you, the step by step of my project and the final result. Wait!