Dior Bronze Powder Review

Today, there is first a small review at the heart of the ‘Electric Tropics’ summer collection by Dior – bronze powder “Nude glow Poudre D’ete” in the bright shade, “Aurora”.

Dior Bronze Powder Review (2)

The packaging:
The powder is in a makeup case, which I have not photographed on the photo. It is anyway only makes sense if one takes the powder as in the bag, to avoid scratching the hull.

The powder itself is silver, bottom transparent – looking but more or less the pans. It is also below labeled with and co. name of powder.

Inside is a mirror, and of course the wonderful contents:

The powder:
The first thing that strikes one, is this great look of course, as the powder was pressed. This braided design is so beautiful, that one’s not wants to destroy with the use. But, I believe that it will go so fast until it is completed.

10 g are included, 12 months (officially) stable. Price:44,-€.

The colors, which are reflected in this powder is a light reddish brown, golden brown, and a coral-pink. All quite subtle colors – super suitable for light skin types.
For darker types, there’s a second tone – “sunset” .

Also it Shimmers beautifully – and it is not a so-called “overspray” (only glistens the top layer, including everything is then matt or less shimmering like eg the famous seahorse powder by MAC). Shimmer still exists even after repeated use. He is very fine and mostly golden. He has not rough on the skin.

The result:
It as delicately browned acts on the skin. Especially when my light skin, it is very difficult to apply bronzer, as it quickly unnatural acts. With me it is but a delicate Tan, almost after the first rays of sunshine in the spring.  What I unfortunately by Sun does not work – I will never Brown. The Rosé, which still is in the powder ensures more natural in addition. You can tell with me especially on the “Apple cheeks” quite well – not only, because I have always red cheeks.

Overall, merges it with the complexion, but good and looks very natural and beautiful – it gives the freshness that I get not by nature, or just with Rouge must conjure me my complexion otherwise. I think you know what I’m getting.

My conclusion:

I am absolutely in love with the powder. It also affects of course – very fair skin, brings freshness to the face and looks simply top.
I don’t know how it looks with cheaper alternatives, possibly there are also cheaper similar colors, but for this you must forgo then at least the beautiful braided look. Who can do this, do that.

Who can’t, should mark the 19th may already times quite bold in the calendar, because here comes the summer collection in the shops and the powder is an absolute highlight for me. Very often, I’ll use it with 100% certainty – Rouge for me in the future very rarely in question is likely, since I find this powder also very universal – fits of course for warmer make-up better, but, as looks tanned, fit’s determined also to cold make-up, but I on occasion will test that even better.

For the application I used the powder brush by essence from the permanent range. By the fact that he is somewhat flat, I like it just fine for the job (do not, ask me why – is just so…). If you top go time too much caught – simple transparent powder, which softet the color slightly off.

Otherwise one can only say: TOP, highly recommended. Had I gotten the product not to test, I would have bought probably anyway not later than it after trying it out in the shop itself. So, at least have a look on it and then devalue 44,-€ is it worth you. If Yes, then strike – not often, you can find a nice product!