Dimmable LED Lighting. Saving Energy&Environment

With a promotion of 168.300 euros from the environmental innovation program the Federal Environment Ministry supports a pilot project, the intelligentLED lighting to to help save power and thus at the same time to preserve the environment.

In the framework of this project the shell Deutschland GmbH with an elaborateoutdoor lighting will save electricity. When you consider that only 30% of the electricity a gas station are required for outdoor lighting, enormous savings potentialhiding here. You want to use LEDs (light emitting diodes) for new outdoor lighting, which light intensity per can be controlled as needed. In this way tried in times, where it needed not at full strength, is on a fixed minimum value down to Dim the light.This step would do this to achieve great effect for climate protection and resources limited means, with relative. The innovative pilot project lamp combines for the first time LED-with energyefficient with a motion detection system. This combination is especially used for outdoor lighting at gas stations. It is hoped to reduce theenergy consumption significantly. In the private sphere flashlights or led are LED lamps as LED bulbs today more and more used. With the new solar street lights, the led technology and lithium ions to save battery energy and reduce emissions, is also a means that can serve the environment.

Old Technology Through Innovative Replacement To Get The Savings

Within the framework of the pilot project, it will replace not only the existing lamps such as high-pressure mercury and metal halide with the new innovative LED bulbs . Also, you want in time in which no one is at the gas station, extent reduce the light intensity, that the safety and the impact is still with an intelligent control via motion detectors and dimmers . Also theillumination to be adapted from the outset, that it is designed for less energy consumption .The previously used bulbs ceased performing better at the beginning so release the bulb, still a sufficient luminous intensity was present. Some time ago we reported that the LED technology probably will become the major trend in the future.

Around 370 Tons Of CO2 Emissions Will Be Saved Every Year

This project of the Federal Ministry of environment it is estimated around 370 tonnes of Co2 emissions and save approximately 640 megawatt-hours of electricity. Energy saving is in the trend for various reasons. For example, you think even tenants that can produce alternative energy on their own balcony with the Greenerator. Even the traffic lights with integratedCountdown are able the pollution to reduce emissions.