Different Types of Nightlights

It’s the right time for…Offer Him a Night Light

A little night light… reassuring the big idea to decorate the room of your baby or your child and watch over his sleep with a halo of light. Here is our selection to make the bedtime smoothly, or even with a smile!

  • The night-light is absolutely not required. But here, to sleep your baby gently or reassure your child who’s afraid of the dark, she makes great service and soothes little ones at certain times of their lives.

Night lights: different models

  • Safety plug. In the shape of animals, stars, small characters… it is night lights that plug into an electrical outlet and that broadcast small soft light all the time where they are connected.
  • Plug-in. Without batteries, wireless and bulb, they recharge through a transformer or a pedestal connected to a power supply. Once recharged, topic-night light remains lit several hours independently, through its diodes.
  • Bright and sometimes even musical, these stuffed animals broadcast a dim light (it’s either their face, their bellies that lights), they also by diodes. They work with batteries and a power button. Real comforters!
  • Two or three in one. A mobile that makes night light or a back burner-CD player, or even a baby monitor night light lullaby… mode of all high-tech forces, today there are sophisticated models that also provide other functions.

The pilot light on the side of security

  • Always check the operating instructions before you “get” your night light.Also, make sure that your electrical system is in order before connecting the object, on a socket, for example.

Baby to sleep: the video.

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